Lew Shaw

a Circle of Known Lands novel

A hero without a single flaw.
A serene land, basking in peace and prosperity.
A beautiful princess, ready to embrace her first love.
Two of her true and caring friends, and a scholar of magic on a noble quest.
What could possibly go wrong?...


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Shifter. One who can affect personal time-space, to speed up or slow down. Extremely rare.

Link—usually Twinlink, (but could be Insert-a-number-link). Identical siblings, who are able to communicate telepathically, traditionally employed as message carriers between parties. One of the most common and widely utilized of the Gifts. Many twins have it to some degree, but to be considered truly Gifted, a pair needs to be able to link reliably over a great distance. Drawback: dependent upon each other on a physical level; if one dies, the other will likely die as well.

Heeder. One who can communicate with Souled or Imprinted Objects. Believed extinct or entirely non-existent.

Listener. One who can see animals' and people's mental states and emotions. Common.

Whisperer. A highly advanced Listener, who can not only read, but also affect mental states and emotions without words. Has to be in the vicinity of his/her subject to maintain the desired effect. Rare.

Sentinel. One with enhanced physical perception. Can possess any amount and combination of highly developed senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch). One-sense Sentinels are rare. Full Sentinels are extremely rare, but not unheard of. Drawback: sensitivity to loud sounds, pungent scents, bright light, etc..

Reader. One who can seemingly read minds, although their ability is based on a keen power of observation. Not to be confused with a Listener, a Reader has to watch the subject, or, at least, hear them speak, to be able to read them. Quite common. The most advanced Readers—which are something of a myth—are believed to be able to read minds directly, even from a distance.

Seer, or Prescient. One who can predict a version of the future. Rare. Drawback: affected by prediction, the future often changes.

Keeper. A person with a perfect and unlimited eidetic memory. Rare. Drawback: prone to headaches.

Healer. One who can heal, obviously. Greatly ranging in strength—from curing headaches with a touch of the hand, to coagulating blood during surgery. Most are also pharmacists and surgeons. Another Gift that is common and trivial. Although many surgeons are Gifted, many are not, and are just as skilled (or even more so). Drawback: cannot heal themselves.

Mender, or Knitter. Someone who heals quickly. Moderately rare.

Muscle (Brute—enhanced strength, Grit—enhanced endurance). Common to a degree.

Reminiscent. Someone who can recall previous life experiences. Believed false or extinct centuries ago.

Compeller. One who can force/hypnotize/compel people to do things that they would not do otherwise. Not to be confused with a Whisperer, who can only affect and alter moods, but is not able to make a subject commit specific acts. The Push of a strong Compeller has a long-lasting residual effect; s/he does not have to be present for the compulsion to continue. Rare and hard to detect.

Nudger. One who can control—to a degree—physical objects with one's mind. Extremely rare.

Faceless. One who can change appearance at will. Believed to be non-existent.

Screamer. One who can produce sounds—outside or on the verge of human pitch, usually higher end of it—of harmful intensity for the human ear. Some believed to be able to bring down buildings and bridges. Rare.

Musician. One with perfect pitch. Common.

Wit. One with advanced intelligence—genius, or even above that. Drawback: prone to madness and senile mental disorders manifesting at an early age.


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